The food in Iceland

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By Johann H Ragnarsson

The food in Iceland

The characteristics of the food in Iceland is how pure it is and how fresh it is. The fish and the Icelandic lamb is highly specific, but basically, the high-quality material characteristics of Icelandic food culture. Icelandic food culture is characterized precisely by the slow food.


Herbs are grown at very favorable conditions in greenhouses or in nature itself. So most of it are produced in Iceland but not import as many believe. Even so it´s a lot of import too.

The Icelandic lamb.

Icelandic sheep have the advantage over many other types of lamb that is free to move around some parts of the country during the summer and the extremely muscular and have been feeding on a clean diet. It results in better in excellent meat and the lamb favorite food of most Icelanders. For tourists is ideal to test this meat and with a good sense of what the locals are eating.

Icelandic sheep
Icelandic sheep


Cod, haddock, trout and other fish species also have an excellent history and high quality. Do not forget to mention shellfish that is one the best in the world. Many superb restaurants specializing in fish dishes well. These include mention Sjavargrillid  3 frakkar and Grillmarkadurinn so few examples are named.

The vegetables.

The vegetables are grown in special greenhouses that have in common that most of all with organic farming. Also, the catering places it to download a lot of things in nature. As an example, consider grass that is extremely healthy ingredients and many good products derived from this peculiar herb.

Hard fish.                                                   

Dried fish, called Hardfiskur, is honored among Icelanders. He is of protein and very dedicated. Most do it well and others not, but are necessary to test it when people come to Iceland. Something the healthiest snacks out there!


Stew is yet another example of the food that has been popular through the decades. It can also be found at various restaurants, especially at lunch and probably have him in mind.


When talking about Icelandic food must not forget to mention the water that is one of the best, if not the best water in the world. Clean and uncontaminated from nature.

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8 thoughts on “The food in Iceland”

  1. Interesting read, Johann.

    I’d very much like to take a trip with my wife to Iceland someday. Seems that based on your article they have some of the freshest food around. We’re foodies, so that’s a plus for us.

    The purity of the food/water sounds nice. Seems to be more naturally based, unlike food and water here in the United States.

    Iceland has some pretty cool attractions like castles and stuff, right? Oh boy, what a sight that would be!

    I’m jealous. 😛


    • Thank you CoryZ!

      Yes, both food and water are very naturally. No problem at all to have slow food and drink the water direct in most lakes and river.

      But we don´t have castles, we have newer been in war! And too, we don´t have army and newer had. Sp we are very peaceful nation 🙂

  2. Hi Johann

    Thinking about Iceland which is quite remote & northerly from me in the U.K, it seems like such an untouched, unspoiled part of the world. A place frozen in time and very pure.

    It must be good to live off the land and eat from good livestock that hasn’t been contaminated with pesticides.

    I always remember the T.V Chef Keith Floyd getting facing severe criticism after cooking a Puffin on one of his televised trips.

    Is it O.K to do this? Are they an endangered species in Iceland?

    All the very best to you


    • Hi, Pete.

      Thank you for a kind word.

      Well, it depends.

      Normally yes because it´s so much of ithere. But if something change, which has happened in particular places in some periods we don´t do it.

      Things like this are different between countries. For example, in the UK you hunting Goldden Plover which for us in Iceland is unthinkable because it come with the spring here in Iceland. When we see the first Goldden Plover, we said it confirmed the spring have started!

  3. I have wanted to visit Iceland since I learned about Icelandic ponies when I was just a girl. Now after reading this post about the food, I can’t wait to go! The lamb and the fish sound delicious. Do you know if water from Iceland is bottled and sold in America? I want to try it. I feel like most water sources here are so contaminated with chemicals and toxic industrial waste, like fluoride. I bookmarked your site, so I can have a good reference when I finally plan my trip to Iceland. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Candace.

      I agree with you with the water. We have the luxury in Iceland that even the water in the tap in the kitchen is clean naturally.
      You can buy a bottle of pure Icelandic water in the UK, USA and Canada. Here you see the shops that sell it.
      Regarding horses, then I share your appreciation of the Icelandic horse. I have even had three horses, and it is a are lovely animals. If you have the opportunity to, then I will go for a ride when you come here. It is a great experience and also really fun to experience the country in a way. Here is an article of the Icelandic horse. But it is worth noting that the Icelandic horses are not ponies, there are very many people who maintain it, but a little horse type. Which still has grown substantially over the years.
      If something I can help you when you arrive, please contact us.
      It is worth mentioning that it has been slow in this site recently. The reason is that I will change it quite a bit and have been working on it. I believe that the site will be on full power very soon.


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