Take bath in the nature baths in Lake Myvatn

It’s fantastic experience going into the nature baths in Lake Myvatn which is one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. Lake Myvatn is with a big lake and around it is built in an area where the history of the earth calls for people from all directions.

the nature baths in Lake Myvatn

The nature baths in Lake Myvatn are located in one of the highest points in Myvatn. There is an excellent opportunity to relax well and enjoying the natural beauty of the place. There is a natural steam, and you can go
to an authentic Icelandic sauna in the way. Personally, I find this very relaxing place and recommends it to go into vapor in the process. It is very different from sauna because it is much wetter than the sauna.


When people come in Myvatn is plenty to see and experience. The natural beauty is unique. Self-lake m 37 km2 in size and the largest lakes in Iceland. It is highly irregular in shape and around 50 islands and islets. The average depth is 2.5 m and the maximum depth of only 4 m.
Beautiful islet on the south side of the lake is as created for photography.

The large, colorful and beautiful Dimmuborgir!

Not to be missed going Dimmuborgir. Dimmuborgir are strewn lava formations and vegetation and adventurous, beautiful place that can be called the duty to go. Marked trails are there, and they are very well made in the black mystery landscape, enjoys walking in them and feel like you are the only one there. After the walk is great to go to a cafe that is located with the entrance to Dimmuborgir and watch over the area, there too can man forgot himself in.


Many pseudocraters on the lake, but they formed with the glowing lava flows of water or wetlands. With this sudden cooling, a very beautiful natural phenomenon that pseudocraters hot.

Northern lights

If travel is at the time, it is gorgeous to see the Northern Lights on a lake that conditions are magnificent to see them. Heaven can offer a unique show when the right conditions exist, unforgettable habit and those who have not seen the Northern Lights.

the nature baths in Lake Myvatn

Great place to enjoy nature and relax

It is a very great calm and peace of the whole of the lake and easy to forget in this great NATURAL BEAUTY. Iridescence is great and peculiar landscape wherever you look. If they have some grasp of it will they necessarily see instead. You simply deserve it!
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