Facts about the Icelandic horse

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By Johann H Ragnarsson

Facts about the Icelandic horse

When the Vikings come to Iceland, they took with them the horse type, named the Icelandic horse. Here is some facts about this unique horse breed which have a so big part of Icelandic history and are one of Icelanders best friend. And that´s exactly is one of the fact because how friendly and warm he is.

Relaxing - Friends - FreeImages.com/Sigridur Kristinsdottir
Relaxing – Friends – FreeImages.com/Sigridur Kristinsdottir

The connect between the horse and man.

The Icelandic horse is not big but has still been growing over the years. The relationship between man and horse are often much, even in short horse tours. Indeed, the relationship between man and horse are often very intense and rewarding. Personally, that’s what I appreciate most of the great entertainment sport is.

The Icelandic horse are the only breed on the world with five gaits!

One of the thing the Icelandic horse are most famous for is that he is the only breed in the world which have five gaits, meaning the only breed in the world which have them all! Each of them has their fans; many are fans of many gaits. For me personally I love a good galloped, and too being on a trot in nature. 40 basic color types and since many of the hundreds of variations.

Don´t miss the opportunity to take horse riding in Iceland!

Around Iceland is about to do to try to take advantage of opportunities to go horse riding organized nature. By not mix great fun with getting to know the Icelandic horse and enjoy nature in other ways.

Friends - FreeImages.com/Sigridur Kristinsdottir
Friends – FreeImages.com/Sigridur Kristinsdottir


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