Horse tours

Horse tours are one of the greatest things you can do in Iceland. We will steady give you information about it. But to have a glimpse I want to show you this video of one of the tours. The second part of it is from a beach that myself have ridden a horse and is a magnificent place for horse riding.

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The Golden circle tour


The Golden circle is one of the most famous tours in Iceland. And it´s a reason that the golden circle tour in Iceland is so famous. It comprises Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and the hot spring area around Geysir.

Many say that Thingvellir is the heart of Iceland and for sure the history is rich there.  No doubt that it was the essential place in Iceland from 930-1798 and the most important things happens there till the Parliment of Iceland was

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The Reykjavik open chess tournament

Reykjavik open
Reykjavik open (

One of the most prestigious international tournaments in the world takes place every spring in Reykjavik known as Reykjavik open. Most of the strongest chess players of the world have participated the competition, many more than once. Association of professional chess tournament has chosen as the best open chess tournaments held in recent years. But the tournament is a very entertaining mix of professional and amateur chess as well as young and promising skákmanna rapidly moving up the ladder chess.

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Take bath in the nature baths in Lake Myvatn

It’s fantastic experience going into the nature baths in Lake Myvatn which is one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. Lake Myvatn is with a big lake and around it is built in an area where the history of the earth calls for people from all directions.

the nature baths in Lake Myvatn

The nature baths in Lake Myvatn are located in one of the highest points in Myvatn. There is an excellent opportunity to

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Facts about the Icelandic horse

When the Vikings come to Iceland, they took with them the horse type, named the Icelandic horse. Here is some facts about this unique horse breed which have a so big part of Icelandic history and are one of Icelanders best friend. And that´s exactly is one of the fact because how friendly and warm he is.

Relaxing - Friends - Kristinsdottir
Relaxing – Friends – Kristinsdottir

The connect between the horse and man.

The Icelandic horse is not big but has still been growing over the years. The relationship between man and horse are often much, even in short

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